Mermade 90's Claw Clip
Mermade 90's Claw Clip

Mermade 90's Claw Clip

By Mermade
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It's 1999 and you and your friends are preparing yourself for the annual school disco.

You've got S Club 7 pumping out of the CD player, you're putting your choker and cropped Tee on and your slid into your platform slides.

The last (and most important) thing to do is your hair. You grab your claw clip, swoop your pony tail up so it's sticking up like a little palm tree, sweep some blue eye shadow on, and IT'S READY TO GO.

Relive this vibe every day with the super cute Mermade 90's Claw Clip. Available in PINK AND CLEAR omg we'd totally get both.

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