In 2001, a trio of hairdressers hailing from Yorkshire introduced a groundbreaking hair styling product to women worldwide. The ghd brand quickly gained a devoted following among stylists and consumers alike, offering the promise of good hair days every day. Through a dedicated learning program, ghd educators inspire and educate stylists, refining their skills and increasing their knowledge.

With products sold in over 50,000 salons worldwide, ghd is more than just a brand – it's a community. The company's Research & Development labs in Cambridge bring together physicists, material scientists, product designers, and hair specialists to focus on the science of hair manipulation. By conducting scientific testing and product performance testing, ghd has determined that the optimal styler plate temperature should be 185ºC, as this temperature creates long-lasting styles while causing less damage to hair.

Using high-caliber sensors, heater technology, and top-quality materials, ghd stylers offer superior temperature control. The ghd platinum+ and ghd curve® stylers utilize patented ultra-zone technology with three sensors and three heating zones per plate, ensuring a constant temperature of 185 ̊C even on challenging hair types. By working with the best tools available, discerning professionals can achieve the best results for their clients.