L'Oreal Steampod Steam Styler

By L'Oreal
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A revolutionary steam straightener with innovative technology that uses the combination and power of heat and steam to straighten hair.

The steam allows for faster shaping of the hair fibre thanks to the water molecules that are created when steam is applied. It also has a fully integrated water tank that’s built into the handle, making the tool much lighter, slimmer and more convenient to use. Results: a beautifully natural and healthy-looking finish that is soft and shiny.


Step 1. Fill up the water tank, which is fully integrated into the handle, with demineralised water.

Step 2. Fit the water tank back into the handle and switch it on.

Step 3. Section off your hair into small sections and do one section at the time as this will provide optimal contact with the hair fibre, meaning you’ll get an optimal result.

Step 4. Run the Steampod slowly over the section. This will allow the steam to pre-smooth the hair. Ensure the arrow on the side of the Steampod is facing down.

Step 5. Repeat step 5 until you finish your desired look.