GHD Helios Professional Hairdryer

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Dry and style your hair like a pro

Look at this sexy beast.

GHD's Helios Professional Hairdryer is a game-changer, using new innovation tested by styling professionals, physicists and engineers. The ultimate in styling control and promoting shine like the type you get when you walk out the salon.

AND it's MINT coloured. Because pretty.


  • Shaves down blowdry time so you have more time to show off your locks.
  • It's got a brushless motor, delivering a 120kmph airflow for a speedy, salon worthy blow.
  • A bespoke, contoured nozzle delivers a high-power airflow for precise styling control.
  • Aerodynamic technology creates an intuitive styling flow.
  • YOU control the power and the temperature.
  • It's lightweight for comfort.