GHD Platinum+ Professional Smart Styler

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Style it like the pro's

"I'll have what she's having"...

That's what they'll all be saying about you as your hair bounces like a silk scarf after using THIS. The GHD Platinum+ Professional Smart Styler... (Which, by the way, comes in iridescent white with satin gold accents and comes in an exclusive midnight blue vanity case.)


  • The ULTIMATE smart styler, for visibly healthy hair.
  • Ultra-zone with predictive technology predicts your hair's needs, guaranteeing ultimate results with 70% stronger hair and 2x more colour protection.
  • This bad boy features a unique wishbone hinge, which holds the plates in perfect alignment. All 'bout dat control.
  • Precision plates have ultra glass coating for instant, frizz free styling (and 20% more shine).