Glow by Beca Self Tan Bundle

By Glow by Beca
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Tan Extender 250ml + Chocolate Tanning Mousse 200ml + Application Mitt

Create a professional looking tan at home.

Chocolate Tanning Mousse - will begin to activate immediately upon application. Easy to apply, light weight, streak free and self adjusting formula ensures a flawless chocolate brown tan. Full of hydrating ingredients and infused with antioxidants to nourish for a smooth healthy looking skin.

Tan Extender - a moisturiser with a hint of tan for that gradual glow! Formulated to speed up a natural tanning process, as well as extend the life of any tanning solution. Infused with Shea Butter and Aloe Vera, it’s extremely hydrating and non greasy.

Directions: For optimal results, apply evenly to clean, exfoliated skin and free of moisturisers. Pump foam applicator onto your GlowByBeca Mitt. Long sweeping motions across your skin, ensuring the body is evenly covered. Rinse in 1hr for a light tan. Recommended for up to 4-6 hours for a deeper longer lasting tan.