NAK Hair Colour Masque Dusk

By NAK Hair
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Softens, hydrates and revitalises colour

Colour: Dusk - a rosy beige, with a hint of lavender

Create harmonious colour brilliance in pre-lightened blonde, platinum blonde, colour treated and natural hair. Featuring shine enhancing Macadamia Oil and NAK Hair Vegan Complex to restore hair fabric softness, hydration and lustre. Gracefully fades with cleansing.

Please note: NAK Hair Colour Masque is not designed for grey hair coverage. 

Directions: Please use gloves when using NAK Hair Colour Masque. Cleanse hair with NAK Hair Shampoo, condition porous areas if desired. Towel dry and apply selected NAK Hair Colour Masque. Using 4-8 pumps depending on hair length. Massage and comb through to distribute evenly, leave on for 3-5 minutes. Leave on longer to increase colour intensity (up to 25 minutes). To remove rinse thoroughly with tepid water until water runs clean. Condition hair using preferred NAK Hair Conditioner or Treatment product. Towel dry and finish with NAK Hair Colour Fix Leave in Treatment.