Vani-T Illumin8 Dry Oil Express Tanning Mousse

By Vani-T
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Experience luxury at its finest with this opulent dry oil tan

Radiate confidence as your skin glows with this luminous, supreme colour. Combining 8 heavenly oils to enrich your skin with ultra hydrating properties. Formulated with   15% DHA to provide an express tan in 1-3+ hours.

Key ingredients:

  • 8 decadent oils (coconut, hemp seed, jojoba, rose hip, argan, grapeseed, avocado & orange)
  • Mica
  • Antioxidants & vitamins

Directions: Shake well before each use. Wearing the Vani-T Bronzing Mitt, apply to clean, exfoliated skin in circular motions until blended. Shower 1 hour after application for a medium tan, 2 hours for a dark tan, 3+ hours for an ultra dark tan. Warm water rinse only.