10 times Kim Kardashian's hair gave us life

kim kardashian
Style queen and trend setter Kim Kardashian has sported several different hairstyles over the years. We'd like to take this time to pause, reflect and marvel at our favourite Kim K hair moments. Who's with us?
1. Long and platinum
Get the look: Kim's rocking some loose, beachy waves here. You can snag this look with your Muk Style Stick by creating flat wrap curls and brushing them out with your Tangle Teezer Ultimate.
long platinum kim k
2. Mermaid waves
Get the look: Shiny mermaid waves! Simply grab the Mermade Pro Cutie Waver 22mm and crimp your hair with it! Spritz with Redken Shine Flash for that silky, shiny finish.
Mermaid waves
3. Traditional Pammy
Get the look: Curl your hair with the Bondi Boost Clever Curler, before pinning up a messy bun. Leave some pieces at the front for that chunky tendrils look. Use a good amount of Schwarzkopf Osis+ Session Finish hair spray to hold it all in place. 
pammy kim k
4. Messy Pammy 
pammy kim k
5. 90's blow out
Get the look: For that rounded, 90's blow out look, you can't go past the Mermade Blow Dry Brush and Matrix Fixer hair spray to hold it all together.
90s blow out
6. Blunt bob
Get the look: Create this straight, glassy look with your Muk Wide Plate Style Stick and smooth it all into place with De Lorenzo Allevi8 Shine Serum.
blunt bob
7. Wet look
Get the look: Dampen your hair before running Alfaparf Style Stories Wet Gel through your roots and midlength. Brush back into place using your Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler, then spritz with some NAK Hair Fixation Finishing Spray to hold in place.
wet look
8. Snatched plait
Get the look: Snatch back the hair using a Tangle Teezer Ultimate Hair Brush and tie into a ponytail. Plait the hair tightly. Slick back fly aways with the Bondi Boost Fly Away Fix wand. Spritz with Eco Style Project Firm Hold Hair Spray.
kim k
9. Wispy fringe
Get the look: Use the Bondi Boost Blow Out Brush to get your bangs right. Then for the lengths, take your Mermade Rotating Curling Wand to create some loose waves.
wispy fringe
10. Snatched with a jersey headband
Get the look: Pull your hair back into a high pony, then slide on a jersey headband. Throw on some earrings to complete the look!
snatched headband kim k

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