Mermade Hair is the Australian Brand that has taken over our social media feeds with their Iconic Mermade Waver. The styling tool that creates effortless beachy, 90s, boho or glam waves with the help of the popular styling spray, Mermade Mist.

Mermade Hair Australia is an innovative and creative company that is at the forefront of every trend, so you can expect every Mermade Hair product to be super cool and undiscovered by the world. 

Products available to shop on the Hair Gang website include:

  • Mermade Hair Waver - Pink 32mm
  • Mermade Hair Waver - Black 32mm
  • Mermade Hair Waver Mini - 25mm
  • Mermade Waver and Mist Bundle 
  • Mermade Dryer
  • Mermade Mist
  • Mermade Pink or Black Clutch 

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