8 things you're doing to your hair that are causing damage

Nobody wants dry, damaged or frizzy hair, do they!?
No, they don't.
Sometimes you probably wonder WHY your ends are splitting, or WHY your locks feel like straw...
You've come to the right place.
The thing is, there are some things you're probably doing that cause damage without even realising...
But don't worry, we have a solution for every problemo:

1. You're brushing your wet hair in the shower
Yep, it's true. If you're using your standard dry brush in the shower while you're washing your locks, or straight after you've washed your locks, you're causing unnecessary damage to your hair.
Why? Simply put, when your hair is wet, it's more susceptible to damage.
We recommend using a wet brush or wide tooth comb, which are designed to gently detangle your hair while it's wet.

2. You're using a normal bath towel to dry your hair
Did you know that your average, run-of-the-mill bath towel could be wreaking havoc on your hair?
That is, when you're towel drying your hair and wrapping it up in a turban.
You see, the fibres of these types of towels are too absorbent for their own good, and end up sucking the moisture right out of your hair.
You could try and old T-shirt or pillow case to gently wrangle the excess water out with, OR you could wrap your hair in a microfibre towel.
If you don't like change, you could always gently squish your wet hair with a normal bath towel, but avoid scrubbing and wrapping your hair.

3. You're using heat styling without prepping the hair first
A hair dresser's worst nightmare! STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND PUT THE STYLING TOOLS DOWN... Until you've spritzed your hair with a good coating of a thermal shield spray. NAK Hair Thermal Shield is a winner, and smells delicious too.
You COULD even go a step further and wash your hair with thermal protective shampoo and conditioner duos like De Lorenzo's DEFENCE range.

4. You're using heat styling too frequently
Unfortunately, heat stress on your hair is a real thing. If you find you're taking to your tresses molto frequently with the styling stick, consider two options:
1. Exploring heat-free options, like braiding your damp hair, leaving it over night and taking it out the next day.
You could also use the pin curling technique, or heatless rollers.
2. Spend a bit more on your styling appliances. EG, GHD Hair's styling range may cost a bit more, but it's inbuilt technology is designed to respect the health and integrity of your hair

5. You're using a normal hair tie
OMG this is an unexpected one! Betcha didn't know that using an average hair tie can cause stress, damage and even breakage where the elastic meets the hair, especially when you've got a tight pony situation.

6. You're pulling your ponytail out
When you pull your ponytail or bun out, sliding it along the hair and pulling the hair at the same time, you get breakage and damage. Simple and unfortunate fact of life.
For that reason, make sure you unfold your bun or unwrap your ponytail one loop at a time, trying not to drag the tie/scrunchy along the hair shaft.

7. Stress
They don't call it "tearing your hair out with stress" for no reason!
Yep, stress, whether it's emotional/mental or physical, means bad things for your hair.
What's the solution? Slow down, meditate, self care... PAMPER YO'SELF GIRL. EG. Perhaps with this delicious Peggy Sue Bath & Body Oil? Thank us later.

8. Washing your hair too much
The less you wash, the less you have to wash! Slow down with the washing of the hair, pal. Once, twice a week and you're sweet.
Try a bond building shampoo and conditioner duo if you're looking to maintain the hair's strength and integrity. Davroe's Fortitude Range should have you covered.
9. The water is TOO HOT
Luke warm tip: Make sure the water you're washing your hair with isn't TOO HOT. 
Super hot water will strip your hair of natural essential oils, leaving your hair looking and feeling dry and dull.

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