A definitive guide to short hair cuts

short hair
Short hair, don't care.
When it comes to cutting it all off, there's been no better time - short hair is ALL the rage at the moment, thanks to trend setters like Hailey Bieber and Zendaya, to name a few.
There's many ways to skin a cat, however.
Here's our definitive guide to the different types of short cuts and how to rock them.
The Pixie Cut
Short back and sides, and long on top. That's a pixie in a nutshell. Although it can come in many different interpretations and forms.
If you're looking for low maintenance, the pixie might just be your bag.
Best for: Oval, square and heart shaped faces.
Styling product essentials: Schwarzkopf Osis+ Dust It 
The Bixie Cut
The Bixie! The latest reprive from the 90s. The perfect marriage of the pixie and the bob, featuring lots of layers.
Pretty low maintenance and highly versatile.
Best for: Any face shape! Also pairs beautifully with bangs.
Styling product essentials: Davroe Cloud Volumising Texture Powder
The Bob
The classic bob never goes out of style.
There are so many variations of the bob, as we have ventured in many a blog post.
extreme bob
Currently, the Extreme (blunt) bob and the French bob are coming in hot for 2023.
french bob
Whether you choose layers or texture, or blunt and all one length, there is a bob out there for everyone.
Best for: Everyone! Particularly those with thinner hair.
Styling product essentials: De Lorenzo Elements Sandstorm Texture Spray
The Lob
For those who aren't willing to commit to a super short look, the lob is defined as being between the chin and the collarbone in length.
It's basically just a longer bob (hence, lob).
Best for: Anyone! You could introduce some face framing layers, curtain fringe or leave it all one length.
Styling product essentials: Mermade Rotating Curling Wand
The Short Shag
short shag
The shag is proving to be a timeless trend, having graced popular haircut lists for several years now.
One tag is the short shag, which creates lots of texture.
short shag
Best for: Most face shapes and hair textures, although if you battle with fine hair, it can make your hair seem even thinner.
Styling product essentials: NAK Hair Dry Texture Spray
This bad boy is a layered haircut with lots of texture and movement. Inspired by the shape of an octopus's tentacles, with short layers on top and longer layers cascading down the sides and back.
Another low maintenance short cut!
Best for: All shape faces, and straight to wavy hair.
Styling product essentials: Bondi Boost Blow Out Brush

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