How To Create Your Best Fake Tan Ever

“Life is better with a tan” – a fake tan, that is.

The sun is damaging to our skin and overall health, so it's a no-brainer; a fake tan without the damaging UV rays is the way to go!

So how do you perfect a natural, sun-kissed glow without stating the obvious? Keep scrolling to discover our top 5 secrets on the best tan you have ever had. 

Step 1: Choose Your Formula

While the formula is an important component to getting that “I just spent summer in Europe” look; the preparation truly is key!

Quick Tip: When deciding on what shade you want to go look at the DHA percentage, this will help determine the depth and strength of your tan solution – the higher the percentage, the deeper the tan.

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Step 2: Preparation

We have bad news for the lazy humans out there, a flawless tan is not achieved by showering, shaving, and applying your tan in under 30 minutes. A long-lasting, beautifully bronzed glow requires exfoliated skin and hair removal 24 hours prior to tanning (48 hours if you are waxing).This ensures you have the perfect canvas for your tan i.e., no skin irritation, closed pores, and an even skin tone.
Resist applying moisturiser on the day of your tan as this can prevent your tan from developing to its fullest potential. Also make sure your skin is free from any fragrance, deodorant, or essential oils!
Quick Tip: Knees, elbows, and ankles are the areas that possess thicker and often dryer skin, so pay these areas a little extra attention during the exfoliation process! Going that extra mile, place a small amount of chemical exfoliant on these areas to help break down the skin for a flawless result. 
If these areas are feeling dryer than normal the day of your tan, you can apply a small amount of water-based moisturiser to these areas to stop the tan from overdeveloping. 

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Step 3: Applying Your Tan 

Rule number 1. Use a mitt! ALWAYS! This will protect your hands from looking like you’ve delved into a family-sized packet of twisties. Your mitt should be clean, larger than your hand to reach those tricky areas (like your back), and not to mention speed up your application time!

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Rule number 2. Before you ask, yes it does matter how you apply your fake tan with the mitt. Start by using an upwards, sweeping motion, making sure you overlap each area as you go. This technique will reduce the risk of an uneven tan – our inspiration is not Cadbury top-deck! 

Rule number 3. Wear loose dark clothing while your tan is developing on the skin, do not get the skin wet (this will most definitely cause an uneven tan!), and avoid exercise.


Step 4: Washing Your Tan Off

Most tans will have a developing time guide, choose to wash your tan off based on how dark or light you would like your colour to be! When rinsing off your tan in the shower, use warm water, as a hot shower will dry out your skin. The key to a longer-lasting tan is hydrated and moisturised skin. After your shower, pat your skin dry with a towel and moisturise your skin instantly. 

Step 5 : Post Tan Regime - Hydration! 

To ensure that your tan is long-lasting and fades evenly, here is what you need to do:

Moisturise your skin daily and keep your skin hydrated. Avoid moisturisers with chemical exfoliants (AHAs, BHAs, and retinol), I know reading the back of the label is annoying but hey, if your tan lasts longer, it's worth it!

Also, did you know that your everyday fragrance generally contains alcohol which will also affect your tan. How to overcome this dilemma; spray your perfume on your clothes and hair instead!

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We hope these tips can help you achieve the perfect glow. Also If you loved the sound of the Glow by Beca range, we have created some bundle offers so that you can experience all the products at the best price possible, shop here.

Enjoy, love the Hair Gang Team xo

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