Australian Fashion Week 2022 hair and makeup looks to froth over

2022's Australian Fashion Week. An opportunity for fashion icons of Australia to put their best foot forward and deck themselves out in amazing couture... And progressive hair and makeup looks to drool over.
Let's have a look at some of this year's street style looks...
Nadia Bartel, debuting her new line Henne at AAFW.
Olivia Rogers - a few of her super glam looks during her AAFW visit.
Bit of blue eyeshadow making a come back this year! Here's Malaan Ajang rocking the look.
Sam Harris with a classic nude look and slick hair style.
Ooft. Tash Oakley with a glow like no other and a silky blow wave.
 Bec and Bridge showcasing their new line accompanied by blue eye shadow and long coils.
Platinum slicked back locks with a bit of a mullet effect stealing the stage thanks to Tegan Phillipa.

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