Back to basics: How to wash your hair (properly)

washing hair
By this point in your life, you know how to wash your hair. You've probably been doing it for as long as you remember.
And you've probably never thought it through that thoroughly.
Let's go back to basics and go through how to wash your hair... Properly... So you can optimise your products and get the best results for your hair.

Step 1. Prime.
Yep, you read that right. Before hopping into the shower, protect your ends with a bit of oil.
This will prevent too much water and heat penetrating the ends, so they're not vulnerable to damage. (Your hair is most vulnerable when wet).

Step 2. Get really wet.
Soak your hair so it's completely saturated.

Step 3. Make sure your shampoo is the right one.
Ensure your chosen shampoo caters for your needs. Curly hair? Opt for a gentle cleanser. Dry hair? Grab something moisturising. Itchy scalp? Find a shampoo that helps detox the scalp and remove impurities.
Step 4. Shampooing.
You literally only need a 20c coin's worth. A small dollop can go a long way, so stop using half a bottle per use.
Focus your shampooing primarily on the roots, while massaging the scalp. Try to stay away from the ends as much as possible, because often shampoo has a drying affect, which we want to keep away from the ends.
Rinse thoroughly.

Step 5. Conditioning.
Work the conditioner through the ends of the hair - this is because it is more hydrating than the shampoo, and we don't want to bring too much moisture to the roots. The ends on the other hand, are always thirsty!
Leave the conditioner in for a minute or so to work its magic, then rinse your head in warm (not hot) water.

Bam. Done. Shinier hair calling.


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