Crank the volume up on your flat hair

So you're desperate to get some instant volume into your deflated head of hair?
Don't you worry, you've come to the right place.
We have here a bevy of tips and tricks that will help give your hair height almost straight away.

1. Use a volumising shampoo & conditioner
We have a plethora of luxurious shampoo and conditioner duos to pump up your volume
2. Apply a volume mousse
Before you blow dry your hair, work a volume foam or mousse through your roots for extra lift and hold. For extra volume, blow dry your hair upside down.
root lift
3. Use a volumising powder after you've styled your hair
Once you've styled your hair (we'd recommend waves for extra body on your volume seeking plight), grab volumising powder and sprinkle it through the roots. For extra lift, you can also back comb (tease)* the hair close to the root.
*Pro tip - when teasing your hair, only ever push the hair TOWARDS the root. NEVER away from the root (as not to damage the shaft).
davroe cloud
dust up

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