Flattering haircuts to suit your face shape

It's a little bit like dressing for your body shape, isn't it?
Establishing what sort of haircut would suit the shape of your face can make all the difference to the way you present yourself.
So what's the best hair cut for YOU?
Let's see, shall we?

Rectangle shape faces
rectangle face shape
No matter how long your hair is, a fuller fringe will soften sharp face angles.
Another look for rectangle faces is layers to add movement to the hair.
Experts say once you've worked out what sort of fringe works for you, you can do anything.
Styling your hair: waves and curls and curtain styled bangs will look delightful. 
Charlize theron Oval shape face
Oval shape? Face framing layers.
Although the longer the layers are, the more change it will make your face look longer.
The butterfly haircut is said to best suit oval shaped faces.
Mid-length is actually the best length for ovals.
Styling your hair: Waves or curls, or a sleek blunt bob.
heart shaped face
Show off your cheek bones, baby! Soft, shorter, face-framing layers will be the go for you.
Heart shape is quite versatile and flattering with most haircuts, lucky you!
Styling your hair: Start your wave/curl below the ear, or a side part for shorter cuts.
zoe kravitz square face
Square face shapes are nice and versatile! Hurray!
Longer hair? Opt for shorter textured layers, like the butterfly haircut.
Collarbone length bobs with a side part and even pixie cuts with texture are your bag (hello Zoe Kravitz!).
Choppy and loose, curtain bangs and shags are also a win for you guys.
Styling your hair: Side parts baby! Long and airy layers, side swept bangs.
Try: Davroe Body Volume Texture

Diamond shape faces
Diamond shape faces
Got a diamond face?
Rare, like the girls' best friend, you will be best suited to a curtain fringe, layers.
If you want/have short hair, chin-length bobs or a pixie with a longer fringe will be your jam, a bit like Ruby Rose, above.
Styling your hair: A tousled wave, deep side parts or a pony tail.
Round shape faces
round shape face
Layers longer on the side will give the illusion of a longer face.
Mid-length and short hair are best suited to a side part.
Oh also, bobs, lobs and longer flowy layers are ideal for round shaped faces.
Styling your hair: Side bangs, side part, choppy.
Triangle shape faces
Girl, you can pull off so many styles!
Including a short pixie, face framing layers or a bob with bangs (hello French bob?)
Opt for layers that finish around the eyes, cheekbones or collarbone.
Styling your hair: Short side bangs and choppy pixies.

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