Here's how to style short hair

You've taken the plunge - you've cut your locks short!
Firstly, congrats.
But did you do this with a little bit of impulse and now you don't know how to style your hair?
Yeah, me too.
So I went and did a bunch of research to find out how to style short hair and was pleasantly surprised what I found, and how easy it was to replicate.
Style 1: Loose waves with that sort of "kink" look
Grab either a curling tong or straightener/flat iron. Section your hair and curl each chunk away from the face.
Once you're done, run your fingers through your hair and tousle. Grab a texture (perhaps like De Lorenzo's Elements Sandstorm Texture) spray and spritz through your hair to separate the strands and create texture and volume.
Take your Mermade Waver (for short hair, we reckon the Mermade Mini or Cutie) and literally just take sections of your hair and run this bad boy through.
To avoid kinking, turn the waver upside down so the clamp is facing down towards the ground.
Style 3: Bouncy blow out
For a bouncy blow out look, first run a blow out spray, like Redken Big Blow Out, through your damp hair, then grab your blow dry brush (Bondi Boost has you sorted here), and roll the hair inward. You can also twist the hair as you pull the brush out.
For the hair around your face/fringe, roll away from your face.
Style 5: All back in a little cute baby bun
Alright. To be frank, the best way to do this is with your hair a little on the grotty side.
We would suggest getting your hands on some sort of styling mousse like De Lorenzo's Motion Medium Hold Styling Mousse, and applying that liberally to your hair. Work it through, then blow dry it in.
Once you've done this, grab a brush and pull your hair back to the desired height, then tie back with a hair tie what you can into a little bun.
Get your hands on a fly-away fixer like De Lorenzo's Allevi8 Quick Fix Magic Hair Tamer, and use the wand to fix up any loose, unruly bits.

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