How to tame your cowlick

The bane of one's hair goals. 

A cowlick is a small, unruly patch of hair that tends to stick out in a different direction than the rest of your hair. It is VERY frustrating to deal with... 
BUT there are a few things you can do to tame it. Phew. 

1. Using the right products

When it comes to conquering the cowlick, it's all about getting your hands on a good product that will help lock it in place. We're talking strong hold stuff, whether it is a gel, mousse, or hairspray. 
A few suggestions:

2. Blow-dry your hair in the opposite direction of the cowlick.

This will help to train your hair to lay in the desired direction. Use a round brush to direct the airflow and help to smooth out your hair.

3. Use a salt spray.

A salt spray can help to add texture and volume to your hair, which can help to disguise a cowlick. Apply the salt spray to damp hair and then blow-dry it as usual.
A few sea salt spray suggestions:
4. Get a haircut that works with your cowlick.

A good haircut can help to make your cowlick less noticeable. Ask your stylist for a haircut that will flatter your face shape and hair type.

5. Be patient.

It may take some time and trial and error to find the perfect way to tame your cowlick. Don't give up! With a little patience, you'll be able to find a solution that works for you.

Extra cowlick tips and tricks:
Avoid washing your hair too often. Washing your hair too often can strip the natural oils from your hair, which can make your cowlick more unruly.
Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. A wide-tooth comb will help to prevent breakage and damage, which can make your cowlick more noticeable.
Avoid using heat styling tools on your hair. Heat styling tools can damage your hair and make your cowlick more unruly.

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