Is air drying bad for you hair?

air dry
There is so much information out there on the internet about hair care... Particularly when it comes to drying your hair.
The question is - is air drying your hair good or bad for your hair?
The answer is - that it's certainly not bad or damaging to your hair.
Drying your hair without heat is the best way to keep your hair healthy, in fact.
Air drying is actually said to allow your hair to fall in its natural growing pattern, which is ultimately healthier for your locks.
While you're air drying your hair, you can avoid damage by using a leave-in conditioner.
If you're going to bed with wet hair, we'd recommend a silk pillowcase to avoid damage (silk or satin are softer on the hair, and will absorb less moisture).
A few fav leave-ins to try:
Best haircuts for air drying
Curly Blunt, Long Layers
Long and Beachy
long hair
The Shag
Blunt Lob
The Pixie
The Bob

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