Look out summer: The biggest upcoming haircut trends

Guys, summer is so close we can smell it.
And now that we are fully aware of the colour trends that summer is bringing along with it (hello warmer tones!), do we know what kind of haircut trends are coming out of the fashion capitals at the moment?
Yes, yes we do.
The 90s heartthrob haircut
Remember the teen heartthrob lads who we used to stick up posters of on our walls? Their hair is making a comeback... But on women.
Think short, choppy layered bobs. Perfect for the warmer weather.
heartthrob haircut
Airy Shags
So shags... But with a bit more texture and volume.
Layers without the work... Essentially, this style is designed so you don't have to style it, lest you roll out of bed and give it a scruff.
airy shag
We're seeing a bit of this whole shorter trend situation aren't we? Gallic inspired pixie cuts seem to be the flavour of the month - see: Emma Watson's new haircut... And Zoe Kravitz.
zoe kravitz pixie
Mid-length lob
Hair around shoulder/collarbone length will give more volume to hair.
midlength lob
The bottleneck bang
As distinct from the curtain bang... This is the lovechild of a full fringe and a grown out fringe. Longer at the sides.
bottleneck bangs

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