Met Gala 2022 hair triumphs

The 2022 Met Gala really took fashion and beauty to new heights in one fell swoop of a red carpet.
Let's take a look at the spectacular hair styles that graced 2022's fashion night of nights.
Maude Apatow
A bit of 20's inspired glam Hollywood waves for this rich brunette beauty.

Olivia Rodrigo
Do we love a good Mermaid wave! Olivia has nailed the look with these long flowing Mermaid locks (complete with a Mermaidesque type gown).

Bella Hadid
Smouldering temptress. We're vibing Satine from Moulin Rouge.
Kim Kardashian
Who can do a slicked back, platinum bun better than Kim K? We'll wait.
Kendall Jenner
Aside from the bleached brows, this flowy blow out situation Kendall is rocking is rather delightful.
Kaia Gerber
Best on ground? These curls are just yep.
Blake Lively
Classic, long, bit of a wave. We're drooling.
Teyana Taylor and Winnie Harlow
These two both decided to rock the head gear and we're all about it.
Lily James and Emily Ratajkowski 
Slick brunettes. Lily rocking a particularly in-vogue look at the moment with the wet look. Yas kween.
Oooft. Lizzo's hair flat out nails the brief. Those classic 20s waves on top married with modern volume. 

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