New hair colour trend: Vanilla chai blonde

vanilla chai
As the weather warms up and summer moves in, so too does another round of colour trends.
The new kid on the block? Vanilla chai blonde.
Think ashy blonde, but blended with dark roots and a few hints of bronde/brunette throughout.
Now here's the important part: Maintenance.
First things first, if you ask for a darker root, you won't have to go for salon touch ups NEARLY as much (win!), although toning it every six to eight weeks will keep the brass at bay.
You'll also want to get your hands on some hydrating and molecular repair products, as well as a good ol' purple shampoo/conditioner combo to neutralise the yellow between salon visits.
Purple shampoo recommendations
nak hair
berry blonde
Hair mask recommendations
K18 Molecular Repair Mask
blonde mask

anti yellow spray


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