Revitalize Your Hair with EverEscents' Natural Hair Product Range

 EverEscents is a high-performing hair care range that’s certified natural and organic. So, for those who want to look after their hair and be kind to the environment, this is your chance.

With cruelty-free accreditation and natural ingredients, EverEscents delivers the type of quality you’d normally associate with expensive salon treatments. So, are you ready to revitalize your hair with EverEscents shampoo?

Who Is EverEscents?

EverEscents was founded by Leone Martin, who had dedicated years to finding out about all of the harmful products used in hair and skin care products.
This led to a burning desire to create just as good, if not better but substituting those harmful chemicals for natural, organic products. Hence, the EverEscents brand was born.
Dedicated to natural and organic, cruelty-free products, the EverEscents name has grown to the point where many salons and day spas now use the products exclusively because they’ve seen the benefits of going organic.


Natural And Organic Hair Care

EverEscents prides itself on being eco-friendly. With sustainability at the core of everything the brand does, it’s no surprise to find out that they deal exclusively in natural and organic hair care.
However, they also don’t sacrifice quality, delivering high-performing products using only the finest Certified Organic ingredients.
EverEscents products also do no testing on animals, and they’ve received Cruelty-Free accreditation as a result. So, if you want salon-quality that’s also environmentally friendly, then you’ve found it.


A Huge Selection to Choose From

EverEscents shampoo comes in various styles, including Cinnamon & Patchouli, Lavender, Bergamot, Fresh Mint, Berry Blonde, Orange Blossom, and many more. So if you like variety in your shampoo, you’ll find it here.
However, it’s not just shampoo on offer. EverEscents has a range of conditioner, remedy shampoo, hair enhancers, sculpting lotion styling cream, leave-in moisturiser, and deep treatment products. If you want to try some of these great products for yourself, we stock a range of gift packs, too, so you get a few items all in one convenient group.
The brand is committed to delivering products to help revitalize, repair, and keep your hair healthy and natural.


Australian Made

Finally, EverEscents is Australian-owned and operated by Queensland couple Julia and Luke Charters.
So if you want to ensure you buy Australian, then these are the hair care products for you. Even the bottle and labels are made locally, with everything being produced in a Certified Organic factory.
Proving that Aussie companies can match it with the biggest names worldwide, EverEscents is the local hair care company you can trust.

Get your Everescents Shampoo Today.

Are you looking for natural, organic products for your hair? The EverEscents range is proudly organic and eco-friendly, bringing sustainability to the hair care industry.
Many professional salons choose EverEscents exclusively, so if you want salon-quality, natural hair care, look no further than Hair Gang. We supply an excellent range of EverEscents shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. Check out the EverEscents range today.

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