The girl from Squid Game's hair is actually a wolf cut

So anyone who has watched the South Korean thriller series Squid Game will know HoYeon Jung.
squid game wolf cut
Did anyone else watch the whole series thinking "I LOVE her hair?"... I mean other than being somewhat distracted by some seriously graphic and intense scenes, that's what I was thinking. 
Anyway, doing some web searching, I was quite interested to know that HoYeon Jung's hairstyle in the show was actually a short wolf cut with bangs!
So if you're wondering - can a wolf cut be short? Then the answer is yes!
And so revealing another dimension to the wolf cut that we hadn't considered before.
So with that, how about we do a little deep dive into the different ways you can rock a wolf cut? 
Let's do it.
Short with bangs
Wispy curtain bangs and choppy layers make this short shape so distinctive.
Squid game wolf cut
Team it with a mullet
Look, a wolf cut already has a bit of a mullet quality to it, but you can choose to exaggerate the bottom layer to create a more obvious mullet.
Get the look: Get your hands on the GHD Original Styler to create waves and shine. 
wolf with mullet
Long and textured
Yep, this is a wolf cut! In all its long, textured, face framing goodness!
Get the look: The Mermade Interchangeable blow dry brush will help you achieve these voluminous, barrel waves.
long textured wolf cut
With curtain bangs
To break up the heaviness, a curtain fringe can be a bit softer. Check out this glorious cut with equally glorious colour.
wolf cut curtain bangs
With chunky, heavy bangs
Heavier, more wolfy wolf cut with a super heavy fringe for a dramatic vibe.
heavy bangs wolf cut
What sort of face shape is a wolf cut best suited to?
Any! But, if you've got a more square face, we'd recommend going for a more wispy wolf cut, while an oval shape face can really do whatever they want with their style.

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