The ultimate guide to protecting your hair from heat

Hair styling
It would be most easy for one to suggest you simply shouldn't heat style your hair. And for some, that would be no worries!
For others, not so much.
Heat styling has become a bit of a staple when it comes to achieving a grammable hairstyle, particularly when you're looking for a speedy style.
So, we have a few ways that you can protect your hair from the heat, and still rock whatever style you want.
Yep. The styling step you're skipping that could make all the different. There are plenty of ways you can get heat protectant through your hair:
Not all heat styling tools are created equally. You're gonna want to look for irons with ceramic plates, for example, and/or temperature control. 180 degrees is as high your hair can really tolerate before it starts to singe.
If you're looking for a tool that will protect the integrity of your hair, look no further than GHD, which has predictive heat technology to ensure you're not damaging your hair.
Looking to change up your styling game? Consider heatless options like Velcro rollers or your dressing gown tie... Yep, you heard us correctly.
Exhibit A on heatless curls using said dressing gown tie:
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