The ultimate voluminous ponytail hack

ponytail hack

Thank you, TikTok.
The one stop shop for all things hair and beauty trends has not failed us!
While ponytail hacks are a dime a dozen, this bad boy seems to continue to dominate the myriad techniques out there.
To that end... We present the most viral voluminous ponytail hack!
Step 1.
Section out a top and bottom layer of your hair.
Step 2.
Make a ponytail with the top layer. Secure with elastic.
Step 3.
Part the bottom section of hair down the middle and gather the two sections around the top of the first ponytail. Secure with an elastic.
Step 4.
Swish your head from side to side and relish the volume!


@amberrosepeakehair Love this one! #volume #hairtutorial #hairtok ♬ Toxic x Pony - ALTÉGO

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