There’s something about Abbie Chatfield…’s hair

What happened to Abbie Chatfield?
If you’re reading this you probably know that Madame Chatfield was a Bachelor contestant come radio host, and has rather a ubiquitous presence on Australian soil at the moment.
Now while everyone is asking if she’s still with Konrad (also a former Bachelor alumni) or why they might have split, we’re over here swooning over her hair.
This girl can do ANYTHING with her hair.
We’ve seen her blonde, brunette and different variations of copper.
So without further ado, let’s dive into some of her best hair looks...
abbie shag
brunette abbie
Get the look: The GHD Thin Curling Wand will sort you right out with some tight curls, whether you're a curl girl looking to enhance your curls, or you have zero wave in your hair, you can achieve this look.
Curly girls might want some extra hydration through their locks with Davroe's Curlicue hydrating oil.
Oh, and once you're done curling, get Abbie's full look with our Jersey Cotton Headband.
natural curls
Get the look: It looks like a stylist has done a whiz-bang fancy loose bun at the back, but you can do something more simple yet just as impactful with a Square Claw Clip and your Mermade Interchangeable Blow Dry Brush for some wavy face-framing tendrils.
pamela abbie
Get the look: A GHD Curve Tong Classic Curl will help you achieve these loose waves with movement. Add some texture spray, like De Lorenzo's Elements Sandstorm to create an airiness and volume. 
If you're a copper queen, get your hands on a copper care shampoo for between visits, like De Lorenzo's Novafusion Copper Shampoo.
copper abbie

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