Thin hair? Don’t care! Get thicker looking locks with these hacks

If you’re lamenting your fine hair, lament no more.
Not only do we have a plethora of epic thickening products here at Hair Gang, but we also happen to have a guide to HOW to achieve thicker, fuller hair through treatment AND styling.
1. Have a hair care routine
Get around a thickening shampoo and conditioner duo.
A few to choose from:
We recommend following with a treatment or mask after every wash… Oh, what’s this? L’Oreal’s Serioxyl Thicker Hair Spray? That’ll do nicely.
2. A haircut can go a long way
Get yourself a hairstyle that accentuates what hair you do have. For example, a blunt bob haircut will make your thinner hair look thicker straight away.
3. Style baby
Teasing your roots and using volumising products when you’re styling your hair will give you that instant thickness you’re looking for like, right now.
A volumising powder like NAK Hair's Done and Dusted or Davroe's Cloud Volumising Powder will give you instant lift.
Another way to create more volume is De Lorenzo’s Elements Sandstorm texturising spray, which separates the strands to create more shape and take up more space.
4. Volume's in the air
When it comes to drying and styling, get a mousse like Redken's Guts and work it into damp roots.
Next, get your hairdryer, flip your head over and dry your hair upside down (we insist you come up for air occasionally). Drying your hair like this will set it so it's lifted when you come back up to a standing position.

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