Trending hair styles for 2022

As we work our way to the midline of 2022, let's take a look at the hair cuts and styles that are taking this year by storm, courtesy of the big wigs in Hollywood.
Celebrating the CURL
Has anyone noticed the giant gravitational pull towards curls?
We certainly have!
With many spotlight hair brands releasing their own curl care ranges, there's even more of a reason to rock what yo' mama gave you... Or maybe even sport a sneaky perm.
The Pixie Cut
For a bigger play, the pixie cut is certainly front and centre this year.
Think Kristen Stewart, Zoe Kravitz...
Image: @Pipsqueekinsaigon
The shag lives on
Yep, the shag ain't goin' anywhere folks.
Mid-length bob
The 90s theme is strong on this one.
The bouncy blow out
Ah yes, this one is everywhere the moment, whether you're achieving this look with your very own blow dry brush (like this Mermade Hair one...) Or you've got the rollers back in high rotation (pun intended).

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