What is hair slugging?

Another TikTok trend has descended upon us Earthlings - and this one's a keeper.
Obviously, dry and damaged hair can be a bit of an issue among the masses - thanks to the elements, heat, colour, styling and a host of other damaging factors.
Enter: Hair slugging.
An iteration of the Korean Skincare technique slugging, this is all about adding oil to your locks before bed.
The founder of said technique, Monique Rapier, puts her oiled up tresses in a fluffy sock overnight.
The idea is to keep the hair hydrated, healthy and protected from the perils of cotton pillowcases, which can damage hair, too.
Want to try it?
Some will do what Rapier does and add a lighter oil that doesn’t need to be washed out overnight. 
We have a few suggestions for you:
Others can go for something a little more hardcore, like a coconut oil, which will obvi need to be washed out the next morning.
If you’ve got dry, damaged or frizzy hair, this method may just be the answer to your madness.

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