Miley Cyrus rocks mermaid waves in ALL the videos for her new album

miley cyrus mermaid waves
Just in case you were wondering, mermaid waves are here to stay. Miley Cyrus made damn sure of that as she released music videos for her new album, Endless Summer Vacation (backyard sessions) on TikTok over the weekend.
miley cyrus mermaid waves
In literally every video, Cyrus's platinum locks are in mermaid waves.
Here's an example:


♬ Wildcard - Miley Cyrus
How to get Miley's wavy hair
So anyway, to get Miley's waves is just so simple and so quick, so we're going to take you through it now.
Step 1. Get your mermaid waver out.
Don't have one? Oh honey, we got you.
If you're looking for a bigger wave, go for the 32mm Bondi Boost Waver.
Miley's waves are a little smaller, and you can achieve this with the Mermade Mini 25mm Waver, or even smaller with the Mermade Cutie 22mm.
Step 2. Wave sections of your hair.
We recommend turning the waver upside down so the top is facing the floor, or facing inward. This will avoid kinks. Hold each section in the waver for roughly 10 seconds. Wait until it cools completely before running your fingers through. Wear a glove!! 
mermaid waver
Step 3. Hold and texture
Get your hands on some texture spray, like De Lorenzo's Elements Sandstorm texture, and working through the hair. This will give it some more body. (Although Miley's doesn't have much texture, hers is quite flat, so if you want this look, omit texture).
Then, go through and squirt some hairspray to keep the style. Matrix Total Results High Amplify Hairspray is a win.
Easy, right?
Miley continues to be our hair muse! We recently wrote about exactly that. Take a look at seven other times Miley Cyrus was hair goals.

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