7 times Miley Cyrus rocked epic hair

Look, Miley Cyrus's hair/style isn't for everyone... BUT she really has tried it all. From wolfs and shags to pixie cuts, the pop star has given us something to talk about over the years.
Let's look at her epic hairstyles, cuts and colours over the years.
The Pixie
This set off a major trend back in 2013. Bleached pixie became a bit of a signature look for Miley. 
Miley Cyrus Pixie
The Short Straight
The Wrecking Ball cut - longer on top, blonde and then shaved and dark on the sides.
Miley Cyrus Short
The Shag
Jumped on the shag bandwagon when it became a thing. A very Miley look.
Miley Cyrus Shag
The Wolf Cut
Miley really helped this trend emerge. What's the difference between this and a shag? Find out here.
Miley Cyrus Pixie
The Mermaid Waves
A pause in the edgy looks for something a little more conservative!
Miley Cyrus Mermaid
The Classic Warm Brunette with Layers
Before the rebranding of Miley Cyrus, we had a very good girl look going on with brunette layers that are SO back in RN.
Miley Cyrus Layers
Peekaboo Black with Jelly Fish Fringe Layer
This was very recently! Another edgy look for the star with peekaboo black out the tips.
Miley Cyrus Peekaboo

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