The top 5 reasons you need to add Everescents products to your hair routine

 For true hair health that supports the natural beauty of your hair, Everescents offers a range of organic, cruelty-free hair care products that treat your hair with essential oils.
Not only will your hair benefit from the natural, gentle cleansing properties of organic ingredients, but you will also be supporting a range of hair care products that support the planet's health.


 What could be more natural than organic when it comes to hair care? With 75-96% of ingredients Certified Organic, Everescents offers a range of hair care products that are gentle on your hair.
Harmful detergents are detrimental to hair health. That's why Everescents prides itself on using essential oils in every product. And when they are absorbed into your body, you want to know that what you are using is as natural as possible.
So, for a much healthier, gentler way to treat your hair, Everescents range of organic hair care is the way to go.


Everescents is the ethical choice when it comes to hair care. Their range of products is not tested on animals and is accredited with Choose Cruelty-Free. So, not only are their hair care products extremely effective in managing and maintaining your hair health, but they are also dedicated to protecting animals.
Everescents: setting the standard in ethical hair care.

Vegan friendly 

With Everescents hair care products firmly against animal cruelty, this development approach does not stop at animal testing. Their formulas do not contain any animal products whatsoever, making Everescents 100% vegan friendly.
Everescents are passionate about ethical considerations and provide hair care solutions that stimulate your hair—at the same time, taking care to protect our fauna.

Environmentally conscious 

Everescents are environmentally aware. Their packaging is refillable and recyclable so that you can put your empty bottles to good use. And their commitment to using naturally derived ingredients requires less synthetic production, consequently reducing their carbon footprint.
Choosing plant materials over man-made imitations is much better for the environment. And far superior in effectiveness to their fake counterparts on the health of your hair.

Australian made 

Everescents offers not only fabulous hair care but an ethical approach to manufacturing that is taking the industry by storm. Producing hair care products for over ten years, Everescents are leaders in developing natural, organic formulas that care for your hair and the plight of animals and the environment alike.
What better way to support Australian made products and do your bit for the planet than to choose Everescents to support your hair health?

Everescents: hair care that cares 

Everescents believes in an ethical approach to hair care, first and foremost. That's why their range of hair care products is based on protecting and preserving flora and fauna of this earth. All while providing you with high performance, a professional system designed to maintain your hair's health and natural beauty.
Check out the Everescents range at Hair Gang today. You, too, can support ethical thinking while treating your hair to some of the most luxurious products on the market.

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