4 haircare products you need for every day life


Want good hair all the time?

All it takes is a few key haircare products to run through your locks every day to maintain style, texture, health and minimise tangling.

By now we know you shouldn’t wash your hair every day, so you can rule shampoo and conditioner out, right?
So without further ado, every day hair products you need:
1. A brush.
Der. But are you aware that not all brushes are created equal?
Some are designed to keep hair health and style in mind. Take Tangle Teezer, for example.
Tangle Teezer brushes are designed to detangle the hair without tugging or pulling. The Wet Brush can be used for wet hair without causing damage.
2. Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo is not just for those looking to extend their style life one more day before washing. It can create texture and hold, too. You can use a little bit every day for styling or to soak up unwanted extra oils and dirt build up.
A few of our fav dry shampoos:
3. Thermal protection
Thermal or heat protection spray creates a protective armour around your locks to shield it from the elements, sun burn, wind and heat styling tools. If you’re serious about keeping your hair in tip top shape, run this through your hair on the daily.
A few of our fav thermal protection products:
nak shield
4. A claw clip
Style without compromising hair health, a claw clip is your answer!
This 90’s trend has swung back around and is taking the 20’s by storm. You can use this to pull your hair back off your back every day.
claw clip

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