6 things to care for your hair that you’re not doing

Got hair care routine?
The aforementioned is simply just as important as your skin care ritual - IF you want healthy, hydrated hair.
So if you’re struggling with dry locks, breakage and split ends, there’s almost always a solution!
Here are a few tips and tricks you might not know you needed to incorporate into your self care routine.

1. Washing your hair
The hard and fast rule, give or take some outliers, is that you only need to wash your hair TWICE per week. Over washing can result in stripping your hair of its natural oils, leaving your tresses damaged and dry, leading to breakage.
Looking to hydrate your locks with your shampoo & conditioner duo? A good place to start is this Davroe Moisture Senses Pack.
2. “Towel” drying your hair
STOP! Put down the bath towel! Did you know bath towels are actually no good for your wet hair? Yep. The shocking truth comes out. The fibres are just too absorbent for their own good, and tend to suck the moisture completely from your hair.
So next time you’re towel drying your hair, get an old pillow case, or a microfibre towel like this one.
3. Regular haircuts
Yep, even if you’re trying to grow it! Contrary to what old wives tales you’ve heard, getting your hair trimmed regularly won’t actually magically make it grow longer, but it will be healthier and the length you have won’t be half split ends.
4. Use a wet comb or brush
When your hair is wet, it’s prone to damage. There are two solutions here:
a) Brush your hair while it’s dry, before you wash it
b) Get yo’self a wet brush or comb
c) Secret third option: Do both (particularly if you’re prone to knots and tangling)
Straighteners and curling irons are a woman’s best friend. Unfortunately it’s a bit of a love/hate relationship when heat stress becomes a little too frequent - that’s when we get damage. There are options, however - you can use a heat-free style option like rollers, and/or a thermal protectant - work through your damp hair before applying heat. BOOM.
6. Use a treatment once per week
An option that offers extra repair and hydration - a classic masque or leave in conditioner. Post wash, through your damp hair, work through a nourishing treatment. We can’t go past Potion 9 by Sebastian.

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