A definitive guide to purple shampoo

Purple shampoos are a dime a dozen these days, with the ashy blonde colour dominating the trend market for quite some time.
So with this product saturation, do you actually know which one is best for YOUR hair?
If not, we've got you covered.
We present to you... A definitive guide to purple shampoo!
De Lorenzo's purple shampoo, Illumin8, will keep unwanted brassy tones at bay with a concentrated blue-violet pigment-infused formula, which happens to be Aussie, vegan and natural.
We'd recommend a pair of gloves for this one though as it is highly concentrated!
If you're looking for an all-natural way to neutralise your locks and kiss yellow goodbye, the vegan Everescents Organics Berry Blonde Shampoo is your answer.
For blonde and grey hair, this non-toxic solution to your brassy woes will maintain the tone of your hair... With no threat of over-toning.
For blondes all the way through to platinum, this deliciously neutralising shampoo will rid of yellow while nourishing the hair fibre.
This purple dye shampoo will create an even spread without colour spots on even the most porous of hair.
This neutralising shampoo will illuminate blonde highlights and eliminate dull, yellow tones.
For colour treated hair all the way through to naturally white or grey hair.
Also it doesn't matter what hair type you have to use this bad boy! - Fine, medium, course... All welcome here.

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