A Guide To The Best Clever Curl Products

For those of us blessed with curls, we are the lucky ones! Never a day goes by that natural volume is a problem for us. We have a boost for days! 
However, it’s not all beer and skittles when it comes to taming our mane. Rarely can we wake up and walk out the door before implementing a curl management strategy to handle the hairdo. 
This is where Clever Curl products come in. Above all, their curl care range miraculously controls, defines, and hydrates our curls with very little effort. 
So, if your curls could do with some TLC, here are the Clever Curl products that will help.

 Clever Curl Wonderfoam

The ultimate in moisture and definition, the Wonderfoam could not be more aptly named. With one to two simple pumps, your curls will be more hydrated and more defined for longer than ever before. Containing 81.6% Certified Organic ingredients, the Wonderfoam is 100% Curly Girl Method safe. 
This Clever Curl “wonder” product is a must-have for curl types.

 Clever Curl Curl Cream

 When it’s in the name twice, you know it must be good!. This cream is a master in providing long-lasting moisture along with no-hold curl definition. 
All you need to take your curls to the next level is to apply the cream to damp hair, gently scrunch, and let your hair dry using whatever technique works best for you; plopping, diffusing, or air drying.

 Clever Curl Gel Humid Weather Clever

 For the curl-coiffured among us, the thought of humidity sends a tingle of terror down our spine. We know all-too-well the effects of humid weather on our curls, and it’s never pleasant. 
Thankfully, Clever Curl products have our best interests in mind. They know the ins and outs of a curl and have the perfect defence to combat even the most humid conditions. 
The Clever Curl Humid Weather Clever gel contains anti-humectant properties that effectively block moisture from being absorbed into your hair. Meaning your curls will stay beautifully curled and avoid developing into a frizzy mess.

 Clever Curl Treatment

Sometimes, your curls require some extra nurturing. Well, once again, Clever Curl products have thought of everything! 
The Clever Curl Treatment is intensely nourishing and can be used as a deep conditioning solution or a leave-in treatment. 
So, whichever way you choose to apply this specialised product, you can be assured that your curls will thank you for days to come.

 Clever Curl Products Care About Your Curls

 In summary, we have learned that your curls need committed care to thrive and stay defined and hydrated. We have learned that Clever Curl products have all the answers. But where do you go to purchase these miracle products? Hair Gang delivers you the best in global hair and beauty Australia-wide. Our range of Clever Curl products will satisfy all your curl requirements and more. 
Check out our collection today and soak up the amazing benefits that Clever Curl products have to offer!

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