Are you using conditioner the right way?

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We've all been washing and conditioning our hair for as long as we can remember...
It may be second nature.
But what if what we've known to be correct is actually wrong?
There's a lot more to conditioning one's hair than meets the eye.
Let's go through the key points of what we should be doing when we condition our hair.
1. Squeeze water out of your hair out first
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A lot of people will apply their conditioner before getting rid of excess water.
If we do this, it means water is essentially hogging all the space in your hair fibre, so there's no opportunity for conditioner to penetrate the hair.
If we get rid of as much water as possible, it gives a chance for the conditioner to get through to the keeper and do its job.
2. Focus on the midlengths and ends
Conditioner is not actually designed for skin, and your roots don't need conditioning. Conditioner on the scalp can make it greasy and can clog your pores.
It's most important to condition the midlengths and ends, which are the sections that need the most moisture.
hair conditioning
3. Rinse thoroughly
If you don't rinse your hair thoroughly of conditioner, it can leave your hair feeling dry and flat.
4. Use salon quality products
Make sure you get a conditioner that suits your hair's individual needs - whether you're blonde, brunette, curly, or have dry, damaged hair, you will need something that caters for that. Stylists recommend salon products with top quality ingredients.
Since you're here, a few recommendations:

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