Autumn hair trends for 2023

Unpopular opinion: my favourite time of the year is Autumn!
The colours of the trees change to beautiful warm golden colours, the weather is Goldilocks zone good (just right), and we start to see some really beautiful rich tones in the hair trend space.
Just like florals = spring (ground breaking), autumn's stereotypical hair trends tend to gravitate towards copper and brunette.
So with that, let's have a look at what hair styles and colours are in trend for autumn 2023.
Chocolate cinnamon swirl
Sounds like a delicious dessert, right? Expect to see beautiful, rich and warm brunette tones with cinnamon, caramel and toffee highlights, along side dark chocolate brown.
brunette cinnamon
Chunky bangs
Chunky, messy, curtain bangs - 70's style, still going strong!
curtain bangs
Ombre is back!
Ombre blended with babylights and bright face framing "money pieces" integrated are winning for fall.
Everything turns down a tone for fall - we go from sunkissed, bright blonde in summer, to dark, dirty blonde, all the way through to bronde.
Copper, red and crunette - oh my!
It wouldn't be autumn if we didn't continue with the hair world's biggest on-going trend...
Copper! And variations of, including rose gold and crunette - a more subtle take on copper. If you want to know more about crunette, click here.
Shaggy lob
A textured, choppy lob with bold curtain bangs are the modern take on the shag that autumn welcomes with open arms!
shaggy lob
The deep side part
Cowlick sufferers rejoice! Maximise your hair's natural kink by parting it deeply on the side. A great way to get the volume you always wanted. Works perfectly with a bob.
Grab a brush and work your hair over to one side. Lock it all in place AND create volume with Davroe Cloud Volumising Texture Powder.
deep side part

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