Biggest hair colour trends for 2023

We've made good headway into 2023, so we're starting to really get a grasp on the hair trends taking over for the year, particularly as the weather cools down and we prepare for Winter.
Looking to change up your hair colour and want to know what's trending right now?
Read on...
What hair colours are trending in 2023?
Barbie Blonde
Well this is an obvious one with the launch of the Barbie movie trailer bestowed upon us.
What is Barbie blonde?
It's a golden blonde. Almost like pastel yellow, solid or block colour from root to tip.
Care for your colour: For this type of blonde, steer away from purple shampoo, as it neutralises golds and yellows.
We'd recommend Schwarzkopf's BlondMe All Blondes Light Shampoo and All Blondes Rich Mask to care for your Barbie Blonde. 
Brunettes with a money piece
Face framing highlights - otherwise affectionately known as "the money piece" - are not just for blondes anymore!
Thanks to Beyonce, the brunettes are jumping on the bandwagon as well.
The lighter pop of colour in the front is a good way of mixing things up if you're a brunette and hanging out for a change.
money piece
Care for your colour: Get your hands on a colour care shampoo and conditioner duo, like Redken's Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo & Conditioner
Peach and violet pastel shades are back!
Obviously it's easier for the blondies out there to get on board this train.
Care for your colour: Pastels tend to fade pretty quickly. If you're looking to maintain pastel between salon visits, there's a range of options you can explore. Here are a few:
Lived-in blonde
The easy-to-maintain blonde vibe is a constant trend that never goes out of style.
lived in blonde
Often blondes want their locks brighter around the face, with darker more natural roots.
lived in blonde
Care for your colour: Purple shampoo is the name of your game when you're a lived-in blonde. Redken Color Extend Blondage Shampoo and Conditioner will sort your locks out and neutralise any unwanted brassy tones.
Marbled hair
Two contrasting shades, Miley Cyrus style.
marbled hair
Bronde Balayage
Brunette and blonde combined and integrated with balayage foil technique to add a softness.
Care for your colour: Keep your bronde as biege as you can between salon visits with Davroe's Chroma Colour Perfectly Nude.
Rich black with shine
Shiny, rich black hair on the right person is quite exquisite, no?
Care for your colour: To best maintain that "onyx" look, opt for a shine enhancing shampoo and conditioner like Alfaparf's Semi Di Lino Diamond Illuminating Low Shampoo and Conditioner.

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