Beach Texture All Year Round

Sun-kissed salty skin and effortless beachy waves is a vibe we love for those warmer months or let's be honest, we love it all year round. 


Unfortunately, we don’t have time for long days at the beach to curate the perfect beach babe look – and we’re sure you don’t either (hustle life). That’s why we have tried and tested some of our favourite products here at the Hair Gang HQ. So let's take a deep dive into our editors' insider secrets on how to achieve that sexy windswept beach texture without the sun, sand, and sea.

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If you're a girl that doesn't like a whole lotta product in your hair you'll love this one. We noticed that the Davroe Salt Spray is lightweight and gently infuses into the hair, which brings out natural body and curl without the crunch. We love that it's 100% Australian, vegan and perfect for all hair types. Shop here.


Oh, summer holidays... the infusion of coconut oil, aloe vera, and pear will take you on an adventure you wont want to leave. If you like to recreate the salon look at the home, we highly recommend the Nak Sea Salt Mist. It is absolutely perfect for creating that lived relaxed beach style. Soft to touch, this must-have product is also vegan and paraben-free, good for you and the ocean! Shop here. 



Think tousled texture, just out of the ocean curls with a matte finish. We played around with this by blow-drying the product through the hair which created fullness and bounce. Perfect for that stepped off the beach for a sunset dinner on a balmy night feel. Shop here.



We highly recommend this one for the short choppy hairstyles, perfect for creating lush texture and body. It gives a nice matte finish with loads of hold and lift. This luxurious product not only smells like you've just left the salon, it also provides UV protection and is paraben-free... winning! Shop here. 


Got curls? This one's for you, if you want to accentuate those curls with a beachy finish, this is our top choice. We noticed that the product grabs onto the hair straight away, putting your hair strands into line and while removing that annoying frizz. Take control of your curly hair with beautiful bounce and that soft-to-touch feel it deserves. Shop here.

Pro Tips: How to get the most out of your textured spray!

  1. Scrunch into wet hair and air dry for the ultimate effortless summer style
  2. Spray into wet hair and blow dry to give extra volume and hold when styling your curls
  3. Bring your bed hair back to life with an even spritz all over  
  4. For a more salon styled vibe; select your styling tool (straightener or curling wand), section your hair, and style using your selected tool. Once finished, brush your hair out using a soft bristle brush followed by a spritz your Sea Salt Spray of choice all over the roots, mid-lengths and ends. Flip your head upside down and massage your scalp using your fingers. Flip back over for a voluminous, textured beach look perfect for any occasion.   

We hope these tips can help you achieve the perfect beachy wave you're after. If you would like to see more of our extensive styling range, shop here

Enjoy, love the Hair Gang Team xo

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