Bow hair styles and what you can do to maximise your DIY results


The ultimate accessory to accentuate your femininity, elegance, and style. Bows are back in a huge way, with all sorts of hair styles trending with bows at the center of it all. What we want to tell you is how you can achieve this aesthetic at home without being a hairdresser, and in record breaking time so you won't be late to work.

Make sure you are prepping your hair for the styling process with an effective Heat Protectant. This means you are providing your hair with the thermal protection it needs before you start going in with heated tools. A personal favourite of ours is the Redken Thermal Spray which is fabulous for relaxed curls in the hair, which is what we want when trying to achieve a low maintenance look.
Now time to style, whether it's straightening, blowdrying, blow out brush, curling. As long as you've got your thermal protectant in, your hair will thank you. When curling, I like to spray a bit of hairspray after each section is finished, not too much but enough to give a bit of hold while I finish the rest of my hair (see below for my suggestion on which to use). 
Now, time to volumise and hold your locks. Go in with a volumising powder (there's a reason almost every brand has one of these, they are GOAT). Our personal fave is the Kevin Murphy Powder Puff - it gives you casual volume (perfect), is easy to control and disperse, and the packaging is so CUTE! Disperse this through your roots, tussle your hair around a bit and feel the hair start to grip and stay in place. 
Now this step can also be used for straight styles, but it's not as necessary (in our eyes). Grab a serum and use only a couple pumps through your hair (avoid the roots, you don't want to reverse what your powder puff has just done). Once your serum is thoroughly dispersed, brush through your style and let your curls loosen and go into a more natural position. Our top recommendation for a serum is the K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil. Whilst on the pricier side, this product is multi purpose, is bio-tech engineered (smart people perfected it), and there's a reason it's super popular!
Now is when I would be popping my fave bow in, whether you're going Hailey-style with some cute little bows, or maybe you've just bought a big novelty bow, whichever it is, have a play around with the style and setting that you want your bow to sit in. 
For the final touches let's set your hair with a hairspray, which one do we recommend? Well because this look is supposed to be quite natural, no effort, let's go with a softer finish. What better product than the R+Co Sail Soft Wave Spray! Give your hair some hold, have a bit of a play around until you're happy with where your hair is sitting. Always remember, less is more when you have accessories in your hair, make it the main focal point and aim for effortless!

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