6 brunette highlight ideas that will have you rushing to the salon

So you're a natural brunette, ey?
You're looking for a way to spice up your hair with some natural highlights, but not sure where to start?
We've compiled a dossier of inspo options for you to discuss and conquer with your hair stylist. 
A few things you should know, first:
Shade options: A good rule of thumb is to opt for two shades lighter than your natural or base colour.
Cool or warm? This will depend on your skin tone. Check out our blog on choosing the right colour for your complexion for more info.
Maintenance: A more lived-in look like balayage will give you a low maintenance choice. If you decide you want a full head of highlights, you're looking at higher maintenance... That is, more regular trips to the salon and toning shampoos and conditioners.
ALRIGHT. Now for the fun stuff:
1. Golden Balayage
Golden warm balayage is a low maintenance option for the brunette lazy girls... You can also keep it fresh between salon visits with Davroe's Chroma Colour Treatment in Perfectly Nude.
Golden balayage
2. Ashy balayage 
If you're gravitating towards an ashy highlight, you'll want to keep warm tones at bay with a purple shampoo, like Redken's Color Extend Blondage Shampoo.
3. Chocolate balayage
For the uber dark brunettes, a rich and delicious option for highlights are chocolate. Pretty low maintenance, but if you did want to keep your tone in check between salon visits, you can use De Lorenzo Novafusion Chocolate Shampoo.
chocolate balayage
4. Cherry Cola Balayage
Very on trend at the moment! The cherry cola look has been a winter fav. Maintain with De Lorenzo Novafusion Intense Ruby Red Shampoo.
cherry cola
5. Face framing highlights
Another 2023 trend! Face framing highlights are EVERYWHERE. But they do require a more regular relationship with your salon. 
face framing
6. Warm Ombre
Ombre is where the highlights are focused more towards the ends of the hair, integrated or graded into to the darker shades up top. Low maintenance (especially if you plan on growing your hair!)  - all you need is a toner from time to time to maintain the colour. 

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