Busting hair myths one strand at a time

There are a fair few old wives tales out there about hair care... So let's bust some of these myths and give you some alternative suggestions you'll thank us for later. *wink*
Trimming your hair makes it grow faster
Look, no. It doesn't. BUT trimming away the damaged ends stops it splitting further up the hair, which can ultimately break the hair and stop it from getting longer. Thus, trimming = good health. Get on that train baby.
Stress makes your hair go grey
 Grey is actually a genetic disposition. So no amount of stress is going to alter that. There's also no scientific proof to back up stress accelerating the greying process.
Cold water makes your hair shinier
An icy bath for your locks has been said over the years to close your cuticles so they lie flat. Want shiny hair? Opt for a warm cleanse and condition, then add a shine potion at the end, perhaps Davroe's Shine Mist?
You need to wash your hair every day or every second day
There's no hard and fast rule about the frequency of washes, everyone's hair is different after all. We will say this though - generally, washing on the daily can strip your hair of its natural oils thus damaging the hair.
Colour takes better on dirty hair
Little fact: hairdressers aren't overly keen on working with filthy hair - but also, colour sticks best to cleaner hair, free from product build up and environmental residue. We recommend washing a day or two before your salon appointment, and try to skip the styling product.
Split ends can be repaired
Nup. Unfortunately once the hair is split, there's no way of coming back. When it comes to split end management, it's all about prevention - investing in a haircare routine, getting regular trims, avoiding too much heat, blah blah blah.

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