Celebrity Stylist's Secrets To Healthy Glowing Hair

We know you’re familiar with the basics; don’t wash your hair too often, heat styling leads to hair breakage, regular trims are a must and fringes are not always fun. But we're here to spill the tea on the biggest tips when it comes to achieving healthy glowing hair and how to get the most out of your hairstylist.


Arguably one of the most famous hair stylists, working with the likes of the Kardashians, Katy Perry and Bella Hadid. Jen Atkin has some sound words of advice for those itching to change their hairdo.

“Don’t make emotional hair decisions. Sometimes after a breakup or life change, clients want to do something dramatic with their hair. I always ask a ton of questions before I agree to a major change for my clients.”  


Hollywood Stylist and Salon Owner, Chris McMillian has our favourite recommendation for soft shiny hair, “Sleep in a hair mask. It’ll make your hair softer than anything you can get in a salon. I love coconut masks—anything coconut for your hair. But avoid avocado: It’s too greasy. Avocados are for chips.”

We recommend trying the Pure Miracle Renew Mask, Davroe MCT or Redken All Soft Mega Mask.


Celebrity stylist, Stephanie Lancien says the secret to healthy hair is brushing it regularly. She recommends working carefully from the roots of the hair to the ends, ideally 3-minutes in the morning and at night. Shop our range of Tangle Teezers for your perfect everyday brush, you are only one Tangle Teezer away from healthy hair!


New York Stylist, Jimmy Paul say “Go to your hair appointment looking good. It’s both inspiring—you’ll get a better performance from your stylist—and it gives them an idea of how you like to present yourself.” We couldn’t agree more with this! Showing up as the best version of yourself is bound to have an infectious energy on others and get the best out of your hairstylist.


Julia Roberts Hair Stylist, Serge Normant is adamant that every woman should own a good shampoo, conditioner and treatment, “It may take a little longer to see results than with styling products, but these things make a big difference.”

Investing in quality products is the best way to ensure the long-term health of your hair. We recommend shopping for products designed for your hair type for the best results, shop our range here, or click on our contact page and ask us for advice we would be happy to help.

Dan Sharp, Hair Stylist to British Actress Kate Winslet recommends making the most of your styled hair to reduce the use of styling tools.

“Styling doesn’t always have to involve a hot tool. If you give yourself a fierce blow out on a Monday, rock it out on Tuesday, and on Wednesday transform it into a fabulous high-ponytail. Making your style last a few days will really help to prevent damage”.

We love using dry shampoo to get the most out of our style, we recommend Delorenzo Et Absorb Dry Shampoo, Nak Dry Clean Shampoo and Alfaparf Style Stories Texturizing Dry Shampoo.

Enjoy, love the Hair Gang Team xo

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