Clever Curl products are Curly Girl Method approved

You have probably heard of the Curly Girl Method, or the CGM, by now. It’s everywhere on our socials. And for those of us blessed with curls, it’s been a true saviour in curly hair care. No harsh chemicals! No shampoo! Leaning into our curls rather than straightening them! What?! But it works! The CGM proves that many standard approaches to hairstyling and care are damaging to the natural health of curls. And Clever Curl agrees.
As a result, the team at Clever Curl has developed a range of hair care products designed specifically to support the CGM. The Clever Curl range has been carefully formulated to enhance naturally curly hair by working closely with professional curl specialists.
So, if you have a curl, a kink, a frizz, or a wave, find out more about the Clever Curl products that can help you cleanse, condition, and define your curls. 100% CGM approved.

Clever Curl cleanse

 The “no-poo” of shampoos. The Clever Curl Cleanser is designed to gently clean and hydrate your hair. This cleanser removes dirt and oils by massaging into your scalp with your fingertips, cleaning your scalp and ensuring your hair is free of product buildup.
Don’t forget your curls love hydration! So, as a helpful tip, when you are rinsing out your Clever Curl Cleanser, leave your hair nice and wet in preparation for using one of the conditioning Clever Curl products.

Clever Curl condition

 Clever Curl products offer a few different options when it comes to conditioning your hair. Depending on the specific needs of your curls, you can choose from a light conditioner, or for slightly more thirsty hair, Clever Curl provides a rich conditioner to rehydrate and condition your curls.
You can use both conditioners as a traditional conditioner, for example, the tried and true apply and rinse method. Or you can leave the Clever Curl conditioner in your hair and let it dry.

Clever Curl definition

 The pinnacle of curl definition within the Clever Curl range is the Curl Wonderfoam. Providing maximum, long-lasting moisture, this product defines your curls and offers a light to medium hold suitable for all hair types.
Similarly, other Clever Curl products offer curl defining options that provide your hair with hydration and maintain moisture in your curls. However, no matter your particular curl needs, you will find a curl defining Clever Curl product to suit.
Overall, it can’t be overstated how effective the Clever Curl range is in defining the natural beauty of your curls and enhancing the health and condition of your hair.

Your curls deserve Clever Curl products

 So, if you love what you hear about the Clever Girl Method and want to check it out for yourself, Clever Curl products are for you! You can find the complete range of Clever Curl products at Hair Gang. We offer the best in global hair and beauty products Australia-wide. And our range of Clever Curl products will satisfy all your curl requirements and more.
Check out the range of Clever Curl products and start soaking up the benefits of the CGM with Hair Gang.

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