Curly Girls UNITE! Your curls will be looked after from now on

2022 has welcomed the rise of a new trend: CURLS... Embracing what yo' mama gave you.
Curly girls, take it from a woman who does not have curls, your hair is the envy of many.
A few downsides to a good head of curls is the unpredictable nature of your ringlets. Are they going to be flat today? Maybe they'll be frizzy. Maybe they'll look fabulous. It's a constant guessing game.
With this curl revolution on our hands, new curl ranges by your favourite hair brands are gracing the market, providing myriad hydrating formulas and systems that will ensure you can predict exactly what your curls will do each day.
Take your pick...
Clever Curl Range
Vegan, and curly girl approved. No matter whether you have a kink, a curl, waves or frizz, Clever Curl will help rein those curls into line, hydrating them and giving them spring and life.
Clever Curl subscribes to the curly girl method, and there's a product for every step.
Don't know where to start?
Make it nice and simple -
1. Cleanse - Clever Curl Cleanser
2. Condition - Clever Curl Light Conditioner (using "Squish to condish" technique
3. Styling - Clever Curl Wonderfoam or Curl Cream
Davroe CurliCue Range
Free from Sulphates, drying alcohols and other nasties, Davroe's CURLiCUE range will nurse your curls back to hydrated health.
All five steps will work as a team to repair, add strength, shine and body.
Matrix Total Results - A Curl Can Dream
Matrix Total Results has jumped on the bandwagon!
All about hydrating and enhancing those curly tresses...
Start with the shampoo, then move to the Co-Wash, follow with the Rich Mask.
You won't know yourself.
For curls AND coils.
Alfa Parf Semi Di Lino Curls range
Curly Girl approved, Alfa Parf Semi Di Lino's Curls range has products ranging from Shampoo, Co-Wash, and Conditioner, through to curl defining cream and a reactivating spray.

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