Curly Hair Girls Unite! Our Clever Curl Gel Humid Weather Clever is a Lifesaver

Curls, curls, curls! Curls are back, in a big way. It's never been a better moment to embrace your natural curls. For the curly-haired among us, this means we no longer have to spend hours lengthening and heat-blasting our hair straight. Instead, we can now enhance, define, and hydrate our curls the way nature intended. Clever Curl has developed a range of specially formulated products to cleanse, protect, and moisturise our hair, making the curl management process easy and effective.
So, dial down the heat and pump up the volume with Clever Curl!


Say no to frizz! Don't let your tropical getaway get away with ruining your curls! Whilst moisture is a must for beautiful curls, too much moisture can have the opposite effect. Like turning your tight twists into a frazzled flop. Thankfully, the team at Clever Curl specialise in treating your curls with the concentrated care they require to stay bold and bouncy. 
The Clever Curl Gel Humid Weather Clever contains anti-humectant properties that protect your hair from excess moisture. The gel works to provide a firm seal on your curls, maintaining moisture levels while blocking additional moisture from being absorbed into your hair. Used in conjunction with the Clever Curl Cleanser and Conditioner and allowed to dry in your curls, the weather will not be able to penetrate and cause havoc with your hair. 
So, when the humidity rises, protect and maintain curl definition with the Clever Curl Gel Humid Weather Clever. And never suffer from fatal frizz again!

Sulphate & silicone-free

Harsh chemicals are damaging to your hair. Not only can they cause dryness and irritation, but they can strip your hair and scalp of its natural oils, creating a curl-damaging atmosphere. Similarly, several items on the market claim to help you overcome these issues; however, many contain ingredients that mask the problem and cause build-up by preventing water from reaching the follicles. 
Thankfully, Clever Curl understands the overwhelming benefits of using sulphate and silicone-free hair care products. The Clever Curl range is formulated to hydrate, moisturise, and define your curls with natural ingredients and essential oils. 
So, cleanse your hair with Clever Curl Cleanser, which contains 82.7 per cent Certified Organic ingredients. Then set your curls with Clever Curl Gel Humid Weather Clever, which contains 78.6 per cent Certified Organic ingredients, making your hair health improve dramatically, thanks to Clever Curl's natural, hair-friendly formula.

Clever Curl loves your curls

Clever Curl is the right hair care solution for you when you want to treat your hair with the best products for your curls. From the Clever Curl Cleanser to the Clever Curl Gel Humid Weather Clever, the range has been developed specifically for curly hair. 
Hair Gang are proud to support this stellar hair care system. Australian made, cruelty-free and vegan friendly, check out the complete range of Clever Curl products at Hair Gang today.

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