Embrace Your Natural Curls With Our Clever Curl Range

Curly-haired ladies all over the world strive for bold, defined, natural curls until they realise that regulating and keeping their curls is a time-consuming and labour-intensive procedure that frequently involves chemicals that are ultimately detrimental to your hair. But not any longer! Clever Curl debuted in 2017 and quickly became the industry leader in curl control, and curly girls haven't looked back since. 
Clever Curl products revolutionised curly hair routines by redefining the concept of curl care. Organic products and a basic approach to style are used to cleanse, condition, and define curls. Clever Curl products enable you to hydrate and enhance your curls naturally and with ease.

No poo, no fuss

Bubbles don't always equate to being clean. Like when it comes to hair washing, fewer suds are good. Clever Curl products do not use harsh chemicals to clean and hydrate your hair. Instead, their range has been specially formulated for curly hair using natural ingredients and essential oils. So, no sulphates or nasty detergents here! Meaning your hair will not be exposed to hazardous elements that could harm it. 
The Clever Curl Cleanser is designed to gently clean your hair, remove dirt, oils, and build up 82.7% Certified Organic ingredients. So, when you want the best for your curls, get your hands on Clever Curl products. And rediscover the natural beauty of your curls.

Hydrate & define

Clever Curl products were created considering your curly hair's requirements. Your curls require special care and attention to encourage and enhance their bounce and shine. Clever Curl products offer many options for conditioning and defining your curls so your curls will maintain their maximum moisture and hydration. A Clever Curl treatment will meet your curl needs, ranging from a light conditioner to something more complex.

Curly Girl Method OK!

The Curly Girl Method has inspired curly hair girls all across the globe. With this concept in mind, Clever Curl formulated their range of hair care products specifically for those of us obsessed with this effective routine. Clever Curl products nourish and bring out the bounce in your curls by cleansing, hydrating, and defining them with no-poo, natural ingredients. 
The Clever Curl team worked in close consultation with curl specialists and liaised with a disciple of Curly Girl Method creator, Lorraine Massey, to develop the perfect blend for every type of curl. So, you can be confident that Clever Curl products will effectively and efficiently maintain the health of your curls with every wash.

Hair Gang = Clever Curl products

Hair Gang is your go-to retailer for Clever Curl products. We stock the complete hair care range to help you embrace and take back control of your curls. Clever Curl will hydrate, define, and manage your curls with their range of curl-specific hair care products, from cleansers and conditioners to management creams and gels. 
Never shy away from your curls again! Clever Curl products make it easy to maintain the natural beauty of your curls. First, find your ideal hair management routine at Hair Gang. Then, check out our range and start experiencing the Clever Curl difference today.

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